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Freedom of Speech is Worth Getting Offended For

When I was a kid, there were a few beliefs I had that I just assumed we could all agree on. No matter what our religion, our political persuasion, our culture or background, we could agree on this – we live in a free country, democracy is great, and freedom of speech is everyone’s right. Everyone has the right to state their opinion, even if we don’t agree with it.

I just assumed we could all at least agree on this. But now I’m seeing things happening in Australia and in the Western world that if you’d told most of us what would be happening a few years ago, we would have laughed.

– Did you know that a 22 year old Canadian blogger and journalist was banned from the UK for LIFE a few weeks ago for making a satirical video about Islam? She was arrested as a TERRORIST, under terrorist legislation. (Watch: “Lauren Southern banned from UK”).

– Did you know that in Canada, there is a growing push not only for anti-hate speech laws, but COMPELLED speech laws – meaning you HAVE TO SAY WHAT THE GOVERNMENT TELLS YOU TO in regards to Transgenderism. (Check out: “Jordan Peterson, Canada, Bill C16”).

– A man in the UK almost went to JAIL for teaching a dog to lift its leg in a Nazi salute. As a joke. Because hate? (Check out: “Nazi Pug“).

– Most recently in Australia, the outrage police went nuts because rugby player Israel Folau shared his religious beliefs about homosexuality IN PUBLIC! :O Even worse – he DIDN’T APOLOGISE FOR IT AFTERWARDS!!! ;’( (This is a great summary).

There would be dozens more examples today all around the world, and in Australia, of a growing push against free speech, and an implementing of “hate speech” laws, so as to not offend a small minority of overly sensitive people. Free speech is being eroded all over the Western world, one outrage at a time. 

#not all Australians – just the radical left

This is mostly coming from the radical left of course, and the left-wing “mainstream” media. No surprises there.

If you dare open your mouth to question the Official Narrative(TM) of the left wing media in regards to immigration, Islam, gender, homosexuality, or race, you will be labeled a bigot, and many loud and angry people will now try and shut you down in the name of “hate speech”.

The SMH actually gave a great summary of the left-wing, Neo Marxist philosophy behind political correctness in its write-up of Folau – his situation highlights “the way political correctness is stifling free speech and victimising those daring to question cultural-left orthodoxy…” It is “a critical tool employed by the cultural-left to reshape Western society and to overthrow what is seen as an unjust system.”

It’s not just happening to so-called “right wing radicals” – it’s happening to respected academics and thought leaders.

Run a Google search on Jordan Peterson, Steven Pinker, Christina Hoff Sommers, Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

I never thought I’d even need to say this – but do we still believe in democracy?

Not everyone does. The far left seems to think communism is pretty cool.

You may say to me – “Yes, but what about hate speech? What about people getting offended?”

To which I’d ask you – “What is hate speech? Can you define it for me?”

Is it just any point of view that you don’t like? Is it someone saying uncomfortable facts that may challenge your beliefs?

Of COURSE we should oppose speech that promotes violence, terrorism, or serious hate. That is not even part of this conversation. We already do that. Let me ask – if hate speech laws are needed so desperately, HOW HAVE WE SURVIVED THIS LONG AS A COUNTRY??

And as for people getting offended – well, that is the cost of living in a messy, free country.

Of course, we could always go the route of Stalin or Hitler, and force everyone to do, say and think the exact same things. Hell, at least things would be tidier. There would be no pesky facts to threaten the Official Narrative of the Government (TM).

But of course, as is the case with all fascist or communist governments, it results in the state killing tens of millions of its own people…

Is freedom worth it?  Is it worth letting those who disagree with us still be allowed to speak?

Getting Offended

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I get offended by things I see and hear just about every day.

I get offended by things I see in advertisements, in movies, on TV, the way I see people treat each other in public. I even get offended by my own family and friends sometimes. (Don’t pretend like you don’t too).

What’s the solution? Pretty simple – deal with it.

All the time, I see people bashing my Christian faith in public, and that offends me. Comedians do it all the time. Do you want to know what I do in response? I turn the bloody TV off. I don’t bring them before a human rights tribunal and fine them $35,000, or try and get them fired for telling an offensive joke.

Freedom is worth getting offended for. Don’t take away someone else’s freedom just because you don’t like their point of view.

Hell, listen to what they have to say. Maybe you will learn something.


P.S – One reason I’m so passionate about this is because I’ve started to do it. I’ve started to listen to intelligent, articulate thinkers share their views, where normally I would dismiss them because we disagree over one or two other topics.

If you want to hear more about the battles over free speech today, check out:

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